pret – london heathrow

this meal (whichever one it was – lunch dinner breakfast?  i had no idea), was thankfully delicious.  i was beyond tired, not sure of what day it was, and was carrying all of my belongings waiting for a flight to paris that didn’t leave for another 4 hours.  i decided to have a bite to eat at one of the many Prets around the Heathrow.  everything looked (and tasted) surprisingly fresh.  but, this airport was different.  it almost seemed alien.  Heathrow is beautifully designed, and doesn’t fail to offer a wide range of impressive food.  maybe they bank on so many people having to sit there for hours, i don’t know.  all i do know is that sandwich saved my life.  chicken and avocado with a light greek yogurt mayo, accompanied by thinly sliced new potato chips (or crisps).  what a relief, and it was even worth the 12 euros.




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