odette & aimé – paris, france

odette & aimé ~ 46 rue de maubeuge, 75009, Paris, France

i’m not sure if i was just delirious from traveling for nearly  24 hours or if this place was really THAT good, but man it really hit the spot.  i finally arrived in Paris around 8pm and eventually made it out the door for dinner around 9pm.  this, however, is a very appropriate time to sit down for a meal like this in Paris.  and having my first dinner at this place was also incredibly appropriate.  a welcome to france french bistro.  we sat down, the service surprisingly attentive, downed a few glasses of cotes du rhone, and then our incredible meal arrived.  i indulged in duck confit, fried garlic potatoes and a salad, not without a heaping bowl of french onion soup (seriously amazing).  we ended the night with another glass of red and i finally lay may weary head to rest.



One comment

  1. Lachlan

    ditto. We searched for about an hour for an authentic French place to eat, A man from a bar we had looked into chased after us and recommended this place. Fabulous, the real deal. Had Confit Of Duck, fish, Bavette Steak etc. And when me got home, we realised the price was cheaper than we had thought. Just do it.

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