coquelicot near montmartre – paris, france

24 Rue des Abbesses 75018 Paris, France

This breakfast was meant for sopping up the remnants of hangover that lingered after a night of galavanting around Paris.  We woke up late and made our way up the thousand stairs to Montmartre and gasped at the spectacular view, all while hugging our purses and keeping a watchful eye.  We stopped by some vintage shops and then hit this little, rather popular, nook.  And then, breakfast ensued.  The day was blustery, gusts blew up ladies’ skirts, pushed newspapers and umbrellas about.  We finally found a seat that happened to be outside in the breeze, and not without a five piece jazz band improvising mere feet from our table.  I chose the breakfast that was most equipped to handle the battle that was unfolding in my stomach: meat, potatoes, eggs, bread.  It was so delicious, a “passerby” asked us for our leftovers while we were still eating.  He happened to also ask the tables flanking either side of us as well….sweet moves man.


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