candelaria – paris, france

52 Rue de Saintonge  75003 Paris, France

talk about unexpected!  tacos in paris, you say?! oh yes, along with many other surprises.  Candelaria is a place that you have to know about to find.  it’s like a club, not many just stumble upon this place and decide that “hey, parisian tacos sound good.”  but, you should.  being from southern california, i mean reeeeally southern california, like can-throw-rock-at-tj southern california, my standard for tacos is pretty damn high.  and these, THESE, were good.  i mean, maybe i was a little homesick, or was just craving a taco, but man these were good.  carnitas, queso fresco, and nopales.  so.  damn.  good.  and the margaritas weren’t too shabby either.  HOWEVER.  parisians aren’t made for mexican food.  tacos are MAX a ten minute endeavor.  in. out. satisfied.  we waited an hour to sit on a stool in this little shoebox taco shop.  i watched three beautiful young ladies spend 45 minutes eating a total, between the three of them, of THREE tacos.  really.  this being my only complaint, the little speak easy in the back was pretty amazing as well.  VERY unexpected.  and on top of that, we happen to meet a guy from peru, and a handful of other americans.  i guess, not so surprising to find americans in the one taco shop in paris………

this particular Candelaria goer had a similar experience….and we too, ended up at Candelaria on a sunday.  and this ain’t a bad article either.



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