les puces des batignolles – paris, france

les puces des batignolles: 110 rue legendre, 75017, paris, france

this was a well deserved 20 euro brunch.  we had just hiked through the nearby flea market, trinkets flanking the sidewalk.  so. much. stuff.  i worked up a hefty appetite even after eating a VERY delicious chocolate croissant earlier.  the air was crisp and les puces des batignolles wasn’t a far walk.  we were seated almost immediately and nearly had to climb over packed tables to get to ours.  and then the eating commenced.  i think i may have consumed the BEST eggs benedict i have ever had in my life.  the hollandaise was creamy light and citrusy with that little kick of cayenne.  the yolks were a deep deep yellow and perfectly viscous.  i had mine with smoked salmon beneath, a salty fresh surprise.  and man those potatoes!  my compadre had ratatouille with two poached eggs and goat cheese.  talk about blowing your socks off.  i sat in euphoria for quite a while in that little cozy establishment.


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