eastside west – san francisco

IMG_20121118_104833this was another hangover sopper-upper.  and i, unfortunately, had a lot of leftovers.  the hangover had a hold on me.  we were trying to recover from a wedding and san francisco city adventures from the day before.  also, putting off the impending 8 hour drive home.  but, we had heard great things about Eastside West and it was conveniently located mere blocks from our hotel.  this place was pub/sports bar style, not just indicated by the giant screen on one side of the establishment, but by the small herd of fantasy footballers sucking back the REALLY good bloody marys (that conveniently included a single jumbo shrimp).  i had a few bites of their standard eggs benedict.  if i had been in another state of mind, or body really, this would have been a home run of a benedict.  the accompaniment of greasy crispy home fries really helped me out more than the eggy side of the meal.  all in all, it was a satisfying meal and drastically helped to improve the day.  seeing as they have a dish called “revenge of the hangover,” they’re not messing around.  a solid sunday morning choice.



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