new year’s day hangover cure attempt – tk burger


and THIS is the hangover cure attempt.  thank you TK Burger for making such an important effort in the resolution of this said hangover.  your aggressively cooked and properly seasoned turkey burger with cheese was just what the doctor ordered.  HOWEVER, my ulcer-rific stomach had another agenda.  straight rejection.  it left me so sad….depressed even, on this simply beautiful day 1 of 2013.  i couldn’t even eat the fries…..and that’s saying a lot.  i could be 30,000 miles away from the next sip of water and still eat an entire plate of these salty delicious treats…..but not this time.  it will go down as a sad sad day in history:  the day megan could not finish her overwhelmingly delicious plate of fries.  sad. sad. day.  turns out i still needed some water and a nap.


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