the alley ~ newport beach


This meal started with merely the intention of having brunch.  It turned into a marathon of a day.  Good thing we were well nourished.

I have known The Alley for either the last bar stop before you head home (they always seem to be open the latest), and brunch.  And damn they are good at both.  If you’re into that sticky old school charm….you’re in the right place.

If you have been reading for a while, you would have seen many a photo of eggs benedict, I like to sample them wherever I happen to end up for breakfast (exception: Mexican restaurants).  And this I might add, was a particularly amazing one.  Perfectly poached eggs and a relieving-ly crispy english muffin = truly phenomenal eggs benedict.  My companion du jour was not a huge fan of the cheesy potatoes that accompanied the dish, but I wasn’t mad at it.

Go for brunch, go for beer, you won’t be disappointed……also, you can spy on other people across the bar (maybe even look down some low cut shirts if you’re into that kind of thing) by looking up into the old school crackled mirrors on the ceiling.



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