thanksgiving on a bun


yes, this is a pinterest inspired meal…..and oh so freaking good.  and all ingredients located easily at my local TJ’s.


Thanksgiving Sliders – adapted from this recipe

1 package ground turkey – (i added meatloaf-like things:  yogurt, panko bread crumbs, sage, thyme, s & p, cayenne pepper, garlic)

cranberry sauce – in the jar from TJ’s (probably a seasonal thing, but damn it’s good)

1 package goat cheese

baby spinach

slider buns

1.  mix meatloaf-like things with ground turkey.  form into sliders (golf ball sized)

2.  pan fry, grill, bake, however you like to eat your sliders

3.  heat up your buns a bit, slather some goat cheese on one side, cranberry sauce on the other

4.  place slider on bun, add spinach, and eat the damn thing.  savor.


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