thanksgiving on a bun


yes, this is a pinterest inspired meal…..and oh so freaking good.  and all ingredients located easily at my local TJ’s.


Thanksgiving Sliders – adapted from this recipe

1 package ground turkey – (i added meatloaf-like things:  yogurt, panko bread crumbs, sage, thyme, s & p, cayenne pepper, garlic)

cranberry sauce – in the jar from TJ’s (probably a seasonal thing, but damn it’s good)

1 package goat cheese

baby spinach

slider buns

1.  mix meatloaf-like things with ground turkey.  form into sliders (golf ball sized)

2.  pan fry, grill, bake, however you like to eat your sliders

3.  heat up your buns a bit, slather some goat cheese on one side, cranberry sauce on the other

4.  place slider on bun, add spinach, and eat the damn thing.  savor.


the wild goose ~ costa mesa, ca



After only seeing the menu before venturing to the old Little Knight location, we were excited.  The Wild Goose had potential.  We parked in the back sauntered our way through the VERY dimly lit bar and took a seat.  Brian had to get some sort of whisky cocktail, considering their boast on whisky selection, and I was happy to see a pint of Yellow Tail in front of me.  We started out with some sweet potato tater tots with goat cheese and a cilantro-y drizzle.  And even though we only were afforded FIVE tots for FOUR bucks, they were still damn delicious.  We moved on to fries and their various themed sausages.  Not disappointed.  They make a good cocktail, they do a good sausage and fries.  But, be prepared to throw down a bit a cash for the experience.  I will be interested to see how it does over there, it seems as though East 17th is gentrifying itself…..oh the anticipation!

the alley ~ newport beach


This meal started with merely the intention of having brunch.  It turned into a marathon of a day.  Good thing we were well nourished.

I have known The Alley for either the last bar stop before you head home (they always seem to be open the latest), and brunch.  And damn they are good at both.  If you’re into that sticky old school charm….you’re in the right place.

If you have been reading for a while, you would have seen many a photo of eggs benedict, I like to sample them wherever I happen to end up for breakfast (exception: Mexican restaurants).  And this I might add, was a particularly amazing one.  Perfectly poached eggs and a relieving-ly crispy english muffin = truly phenomenal eggs benedict.  My companion du jour was not a huge fan of the cheesy potatoes that accompanied the dish, but I wasn’t mad at it.

Go for brunch, go for beer, you won’t be disappointed……also, you can spy on other people across the bar (maybe even look down some low cut shirts if you’re into that kind of thing) by looking up into the old school crackled mirrors on the ceiling.


new year’s day hangover cure attempt – tk burger


and THIS is the hangover cure attempt.  thank you TK Burger for making such an important effort in the resolution of this said hangover.  your aggressively cooked and properly seasoned turkey burger with cheese was just what the doctor ordered.  HOWEVER, my ulcer-rific stomach had another agenda.  straight rejection.  it left me so sad….depressed even, on this simply beautiful day 1 of 2013.  i couldn’t even eat the fries…..and that’s saying a lot.  i could be 30,000 miles away from the next sip of water and still eat an entire plate of these salty delicious treats…..but not this time.  it will go down as a sad sad day in history:  the day megan could not finish her overwhelmingly delicious plate of fries.  sad. sad. day.  turns out i still needed some water and a nap.

new year’s eve day breakfast



where there’s bacon there’s breakfast.  here was a pretty valiant effort to prepare for the battle i was about to put my stomach through on our new years eve festivities.  though a meal of eggs, potatoes, and bacon would seem to be hearty, the thing that really got me was that glass over there on the right…….mimosas:1  megan:0.  seriously.

i also wasn’t able to make a viable dent in my meal because i had been on a vacation bender for the past two days……what i really needed was some water and a nap.  cheers to 2013!

sunshine company ~ ocean beach, ca



part of me wishes i would have thought of this idea a long time ago, implemented it in a dive bar saturated locale, and raked in the dough……but, i didn’t.  why WOULDN’T you put a taco shop INSIDE a bar?!?  freaking genius.  and one of the reasons i actually look forward to going to the Sunshine Company in severely salty ocean beach every once in a blue moon.  and how can you say “no” to three beautifully rolled tacos with guac and cheese for 2 bucks?  really.  really.