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shorebreak hotel room service – huntington beach, ca



in need of a vacation?  try a staycation…..at the Shorebreak in huntington beach.  we only stayed for a night, but i definitely felt like we spent the time well.  

we cruised over after work on friday and bee-lined straight for the bar for a little happy hour.  they had some food and drink deals that were oh so good.  we had planned just to have a few drinks and then head back to the room for room service on our little deck.  but, i’m definitely not mad that we didn’t stick to the plan.  we had calamari, soft pretzels, blow-your-mind mac and cheese, and cheeseburger sliders.  (i hear the pork chop is definitely something to try)  i slammed a martini and rolled myself back to our hotel room.  

we watched a few movies (expensive….) and decided we needed to pull it together and hit main street for a while, i mean, we came ALL the way to huntington……we met up with Martha at a bar just across the street, had a beer, listened to some Sublime covers, and then called it quits.  turns out when we got back to the hotel….we were hungry…..room service was no longer in service so we called local joint, Midnight Muncheez for a sandwich and too many bags of chips.  with lettuce scattered about the place we hunkered down for another movie and boozing, passed out and woke up ready to finally indulge in some room service.  we took down french toast, two eggs with potatoes and bacon, and a duck quesadilla – not without a refreshing bloody mary or two.  bottom line – staycations are where it’s at.


the alley ~ newport beach


This meal started with merely the intention of having brunch.  It turned into a marathon of a day.  Good thing we were well nourished.

I have known The Alley for either the last bar stop before you head home (they always seem to be open the latest), and brunch.  And damn they are good at both.  If you’re into that sticky old school charm….you’re in the right place.

If you have been reading for a while, you would have seen many a photo of eggs benedict, I like to sample them wherever I happen to end up for breakfast (exception: Mexican restaurants).  And this I might add, was a particularly amazing one.  Perfectly poached eggs and a relieving-ly crispy english muffin = truly phenomenal eggs benedict.  My companion du jour was not a huge fan of the cheesy potatoes that accompanied the dish, but I wasn’t mad at it.

Go for brunch, go for beer, you won’t be disappointed……also, you can spy on other people across the bar (maybe even look down some low cut shirts if you’re into that kind of thing) by looking up into the old school crackled mirrors on the ceiling.


eastside west – san francisco

IMG_20121118_104833this was another hangover sopper-upper.  and i, unfortunately, had a lot of leftovers.  the hangover had a hold on me.  we were trying to recover from a wedding and san francisco city adventures from the day before.  also, putting off the impending 8 hour drive home.  but, we had heard great things about Eastside West and it was conveniently located mere blocks from our hotel.  this place was pub/sports bar style, not just indicated by the giant screen on one side of the establishment, but by the small herd of fantasy footballers sucking back the REALLY good bloody marys (that conveniently included a single jumbo shrimp).  i had a few bites of their standard eggs benedict.  if i had been in another state of mind, or body really, this would have been a home run of a benedict.  the accompaniment of greasy crispy home fries really helped me out more than the eggy side of the meal.  all in all, it was a satisfying meal and drastically helped to improve the day.  seeing as they have a dish called “revenge of the hangover,” they’re not messing around.  a solid sunday morning choice.


hash house a go go – san diego

a little interlude.  my family headed over to Hash House A Go Go the day after daylight savings thinking that, maybe, just maybe, there wouldn’t be a line around the block.  we hastily parked in a dirt lot around the corner, only breaking a few traffic laws in the process.  but, no luck.  we waited for nearly an hour to taste the savory goodness lurking inside this little farmhouse diner.  when we were finally seated, the anticipation was overwhelming.  we dad and i split one order of corned beef hash and my little 115 lb mother ordered an 18oz. fried pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes, topped with eggs.  we had no problem helping her out with the heaping portion.  everything was SO good. we even sucked back a few bloody marys.  not a bad way to welcome winter, puttin a little meat on our bones.  we weren’t hungry until late into the evening.  not too shabby Hash House.