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cassidy’s – newport beach, ca

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to be honest, i don’t really know where to start with this one.  i have a long history with Cassidy’s.  much of it good, some embarrassing, mostly blurry.  i’ve met many a character there, and probably been one of them, but none of them as truly breathtaking as their cheeseburger.

many would probably think twice before ordering food in this establishment, but they would be WRONG in doing so.  man, that burger.  it helps make up for the changes Cassidy’s has seen in the past few years (logo-ed pool tables, photo booth, dub step).  the burger is still the same: bun, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, the juiciest burger you have ever laid eyes on, a layer of REAL cheese, and bun.  you can elect for some extra fixins – bacon, avocado even.  but, the one thing that really puts it all over the edge: The Pepper Plant hot sauce.  you MUST apply generously.  it drips down your wrists as you lean against the bar, then wash it all down with beer in a heavy chipped mug.  and you’re satisfied.  and don’t even think of asking for fries – they don’t have any.

so, just overlook the shadiness, stickiness, saltiness, weirdness, dustiness.  eat the burger and have a beer.


back bay tavern, newport beach

the back bay tavern just opened inside the new whole foods at fashion island.  by far one of the best burgers in town and really it’s the price that puts it over the edge.  for 11 bucks you get an organic grass fed beef burger with your choice of cheese along with the freshest accoutrements.   included is a side of fries or the freshest brightest side salad you’ve ever seen.  monica and i enjoyed some sparkling wine and a long chat in between bites.