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east borough – costa mesa, ca



need a quick, fresh lunch?  call your order in to East Borough and pick it up at the sidewalk, they deliver it to your car window.

get the spring rolls or the pork vermicelli.  and top it off with honey lime jasmine tea.  the chicken curry might just be something to write home about too…..


the wild goose ~ costa mesa, ca



After only seeing the menu before venturing to the old Little Knight location, we were excited.  The Wild Goose had potential.  We parked in the back sauntered our way through the VERY dimly lit bar and took a seat.  Brian had to get some sort of whisky cocktail, considering their boast on whisky selection, and I was happy to see a pint of Yellow Tail in front of me.  We started out with some sweet potato tater tots with goat cheese and a cilantro-y drizzle.  And even though we only were afforded FIVE tots for FOUR bucks, they were still damn delicious.  We moved on to fries and their various themed sausages.  Not disappointed.  They make a good cocktail, they do a good sausage and fries.  But, be prepared to throw down a bit a cash for the experience.  I will be interested to see how it does over there, it seems as though East 17th is gentrifying itself…..oh the anticipation!