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shorebreak hotel room service – huntington beach, ca



in need of a vacation?  try a staycation…..at the Shorebreak in huntington beach.  we only stayed for a night, but i definitely felt like we spent the time well.  

we cruised over after work on friday and bee-lined straight for the bar for a little happy hour.  they had some food and drink deals that were oh so good.  we had planned just to have a few drinks and then head back to the room for room service on our little deck.  but, i’m definitely not mad that we didn’t stick to the plan.  we had calamari, soft pretzels, blow-your-mind mac and cheese, and cheeseburger sliders.  (i hear the pork chop is definitely something to try)  i slammed a martini and rolled myself back to our hotel room.  

we watched a few movies (expensive….) and decided we needed to pull it together and hit main street for a while, i mean, we came ALL the way to huntington……we met up with Martha at a bar just across the street, had a beer, listened to some Sublime covers, and then called it quits.  turns out when we got back to the hotel….we were hungry…..room service was no longer in service so we called local joint, Midnight Muncheez for a sandwich and too many bags of chips.  with lettuce scattered about the place we hunkered down for another movie and boozing, passed out and woke up ready to finally indulge in some room service.  we took down french toast, two eggs with potatoes and bacon, and a duck quesadilla – not without a refreshing bloody mary or two.  bottom line – staycations are where it’s at.