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clam linguine at home



clam linguine has got to be one of the easiest and equally satisfying dishes i have made.  and the variants are endless.  this dish is legit when you want to look like a champ.  rings of summer

this is my favorite way to bust this out:

– enough clams to feed your peeps (1lb per person?)

– enough linguine to feed your posse

– 3 strips of bacon chopped

– 3 cloves garlic or 1 shallot

– 4 T salted butter

– 1/2 c white wine you’d want to chug (or you know drink casually) later

– 2 T lemon juice

– 3 T parsley

1.  start the water boiling and cook pasta till al dente, or even a little less.  wash clams and let them sit in a bowl of water with some corn starch.  we don’t need no stinkin sand.

2.  throw the chopped bacon in a pan with high sides and a cover.  render fat out of the bacon and fish out with a slotted spoon or a fork or your fingers…..

3.  toss in the butter, shallots or garlic, soften.

4.  deglaze with wine and lemon juice.  add in all clams.  cover.

5.  after a few minutes the clams will start to open.  fish out the ones that are open with that slotted spoon and put aside in a bowl.  chuck the clams that don’t open.  they didn’t want to join the party and you don’t want them to either.

6.  add the cooked pasta to your pan and toss until fully coated.  make sure not to forget to add the liquid that has accumulated with the clams that are in that other bowl.  tong some pasta, twirl on a plate add some some clams, bacon, and parsley.  TAH DAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

7.  look like a baller.