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east borough – costa mesa, ca



need a quick, fresh lunch?  call your order in to East Borough and pick it up at the sidewalk, they deliver it to your car window.

get the spring rolls or the pork vermicelli.  and top it off with honey lime jasmine tea.  the chicken curry might just be something to write home about too…..


souplantation, fountain valley


souplantation in fountain valley.  we used to go to souplantation when we were in college, stay for hours, reminiscing about mesa commons. we would try to front load our meals with GIGANTIC servings of salads….and then round it all out with bowls of mac and cheese, creamy soup, and maybe a trio of cheesy pizza slices.  and don’t forget dessert(S).  this time i tried to do my best, front loading the meal, as usual, but steering clear of my arch nemeses: cheeeesy and ice creamy.  not successful.