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san shi go – newport beach, ca


if i was just a tourist in this town, i probably wouldn’t stop at this sushi restaurant.  but, i would truly be missing out.  inside, it’s nice and clean.  always smells of fresh sweet fish and soy.

i have been to San Shi Go several times and have NEVER been disappointed.  we snuck in late on valentine’s day a few years back.  this place was packed and they squeezed us in at the far end of the sushi bar where orders were flying by our face, water was being spilled, etc etc.  they felt so bad they kept bringing us free appetizers and then sushi and then ice cream.  the service is really great there, hard to say about a lot of places these days.  they take the time to make sure the customer is taken care of.

and this particular evening was no different.  they were bumping NOW! 6.  how can you go wrong there?  it really help set the stage for the compilation of sushi that was about to hit our palates.  we went through our favorites:  salmon lemon roll, some jalapeno yellow tail roll thing, some stuff with roe, toro, a crunchy roll for good measure, ahi of course, a few of the chef’s choice (always a good idea).  but then, something caught my eye.  Amebi.  in the US eating raw shrimp, at least from my experience, is not so popular.  but, damn it’s good.  i ordered it, and was exceedingly excited to taste the delicate sweet shrimpy-ness.  not only did i get to experience the tasty flesh, we got to watch the poor little shrimp head flinch in front of us after the back end was chopped off for us to savor raw.  seems so gruesome now, but after they fried the head, we ate it.  and it was good.

bottom line:  go to San Shi Go, even though it looks a little janky on this dirty corner in Newport Beach.  sit at the sushi bar.  indulge in omakase – chef’s choice or “I’ll leave it to you” – my favorite way of eating, really, anything.  enjoy.